Expert Services

John Dillon offers firearms expert witness services for both civil and criminal litigation involving firearms. Mr. Dillon is a certified firearms specialist and holds certificates from the International Firearms Specialist Academy in the following fields:

  • Firearm Markings
  • Ammunition
  • Any Other Weapons
  • Machineguns/Clandestine Conversions
  • Short Barreled Shotguns/Rifles
  • Silencers
  • Firearms Nomenclature
  • Firearm Safety and Clearing
  • Destructive Devices
  • Firearm Curio and Relics
  • Firearm Mechanical Operation
  • Firearm Cycle of Operation
  • Firearm Classification

As one of the litigation attorneys in the federal challenge against California’s Assault Weapon Control Act, Miller v. Bonta, Mr. Dillon is also an expert in assault weapon identification and classification. Mr. Dillon specializes in the technical aspects of California firearms regulation and provides expert opinion on its interpretation and classification.

If you are seeking an expert witness or consultation in your firearms case, please give us a call for further details on the retention of Mr. Dillon’s services.